Toddler Swimming & The Weather

sun, clouds, and lightningSwimming with your toddlers is great fun and can be enjoyed all year round, especially if you’ve got access to a heated pool.

If your pool is outdoors, keep these pointers in mind to help you all have a safe and fun time.


Going for a swim on a sunny day is great – but sunburn is not. Toddler’s sensitive skin can burn very, very quickly and the cooling effect of the water can disguise this fact until it’s too late. Make sure to apply sunscreen before entering the water and re-apply regularly. UV-protecting shirts and other clothing is also available which are great especially for older kids who are more likely to spend a longer time in the water.

Don’t forget that it’s quite possible to get sunburnt even on an overcast day in some parts of the world.


If  a few drops of rain or a little sun shower starts while you’re in the pool, don’t worry. Swimming in the rain can even be quite fun sometimes! But if the sky turns dark or there’s any hint that you might get thunder and lightning, it’s best to get out. This is especially true if your pool is out in the open or you’re at the beach.


Even on a warm day, if the water is a little on the cool side, a toddler’s body temperature can drop quickly. This is particularly true for younger kids with limited swimming skills – they aren’t moving around and creating their own warmth through exercise. And even a slight breeze can quickly chill wet skin.

Signs to look out for:

  • shivering
  • a blue tinge to the lips
  • headaches
  • “goose bumps” on the skin

If you notice any of these symptoms, remove the child from the pool immediately, dry them off and get them into warm clothes. If they’ve become especially cold, a warm bath or shower might be a good idea.

If your toddler is very keen to swim and often has a problem with becoming cold, you may find protective clothing useful. A swimming cap will help to keep the head warm, and lightweight wetsuits provide excellent warmth for the body without sacrificing easy movement.

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