Eye watching

Never Compromise on Supervision

The pool is right outside of the kitchen window. Will it really hurt anything to run in and put dinner in the oven? I mean, they know the rules. It will be really fast… Any parents who say these things to themselves are putting their children at risk. Supervision is absolutely necessary whenever a child […]

September 4, 2011 0
Putting face underwater

Getting their Face Underwater

Moving ahead with teaching toddler swimming, you will reach a point where it becomes necessary for your child to put their face underwater. One of your goals should be to help them reach a level of confidence where they will be comfortable doing this, and eventually this will progress to further swimming skills. It’s really […]

September 3, 2011 0
Learning floating on back

Floating on the Back

As with swimming lessons for any age group, learning to float on the back is one of the most essential toddler swimming skills. A child must be able to float on their back when they are older and swimming freely in the sea (or should they unexpectedly fall into deep water), and it is important […]

September 3, 2011 0
baby in bath

Water Familiarisation for Newborns

Obviously you can’t teach a newborn baby to swim… yet. However, this is an important time where a baby can learn to be comfortable in the water. By introducing a couple of fun games at bathtime, you can set a good foundation for the future because your baby will come to associate the water with […]

August 12, 2011 0

How to choose the right goggles

It’s a fantastic development when your toddler first feels confident to put their face under the water. It opens the door to so many new games and activities, and obviously is crucial to learning to swim in any meaningful way. A good, comfortable pair of swimming goggles will help tremendously in this regard. While some […]

October 10, 2010 0