Getting out of the pool

Time to Get Out!

You can almost hear the groans after reading that title, can’t you? The “just five more minutes” refrains? The “but mu-u-u-m, I wanna stay in!” As much I’d like to help you with that, you’re on your own. That’s Parenting 101. But what I can help you with is assisting you in the physical part […]

September 4, 2011 0
Jumping Into the Pool

Getting into the Pool

Now that your toddler is ready to be introduced to the world of swimming, what is the best way to get him into the pool? There is no one-size-fits-all answer for this question. It depends on the child’s age and personality. Review the Rules Before the toddler is allowed inside of the pool area, review […]

September 4, 2011 0
Putting one ear underwater

Getting their Ears and Face wet

It’s very important for your child to become comfortable and familiar with the water, before proceeding to toddler swimming lessons. There are many steps you can take to introduce the water as an every day, fun part of life. Ears For many babies and toddlers, the sensation of having their ears wet is initially uncomfortable, […]

September 3, 2011 0
Holding breath with pinched nose

Learning to Hold Breath

Obviously, for toddler swimming, learning to hold their breath will be one of the biggest steps for your baby or toddler. Initially, your child may begin to learn this when practicing getting their face wet as a baby. It can become like a reflex action. What you want to do, is to teach your toddler […]

September 3, 2011 0
Putting face underwater

Getting their Face Underwater

Moving ahead with teaching toddler swimming, you will reach a point where it becomes necessary for your child to put their face underwater. One of your goals should be to help them reach a level of confidence where they will be comfortable doing this, and eventually this will progress to further swimming skills. It’s really […]

September 3, 2011 0
Learning floating on back

Floating on the Back

As with swimming lessons for any age group, learning to float on the back is one of the most essential toddler swimming skills. A child must be able to float on their back when they are older and swimming freely in the sea (or should they unexpectedly fall into deep water), and it is important […]

September 3, 2011 0
reusable swim diaper

Swimming Diapers and Nappies for Babies

Everything You Need to Know but Were Afraid to Ask Have you ever been at a pool and seen someone’s toddler go in the water in a regular diaper? The diaper swells alarmingly, absorbing pool water like a dehydrated sponge. If left on, eventually it will begin to leak the sodium polyacrylate crystals (the polymer […]

September 3, 2011 0
sun, clouds, and lightning

Toddler Swimming & The Weather

Swimming with your toddlers is great fun and can be enjoyed all year round, especially if you’ve got access to a heated pool. If your pool is outdoors, keep these pointers in mind to help you all have a safe and fun time. Sun Going for a swim on a sunny day is great – […]

January 12, 2011 0
birthday cake

At what Age can we start?

At what age is teaching a toddler swimming appropriate? At any age they can be introduced to the water, but their development will dictate what you are able to teach.

October 11, 2010 0

How to choose the right goggles

It’s a fantastic development when your toddler first feels confident to put their face under the water. It opens the door to so many new games and activities, and obviously is crucial to learning to swim in any meaningful way. A good, comfortable pair of swimming goggles will help tremendously in this regard. While some […]

October 10, 2010 0