Holding the pool wall

Using the Wall

The ability to use the pool wall for safety and confidence is an important skill for toddlers learning to swim. This is something you should work on as soon as they are able to understand your directions and grasp the pool’s edge securely. Safety Being able to use the wall is a huge safety skill. […]

September 4, 2011 0
Jumping Into the Pool

Getting into the Pool

Now that your toddler is ready to be introduced to the world of swimming, what is the best way to get him into the pool? There is no one-size-fits-all answer for this question. It depends on the child’s age and personality. Review the Rules Before the toddler is allowed inside of the pool area, review […]

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Eye watching

Never Compromise on Supervision

The pool is right outside of the kitchen window. Will it really hurt anything to run in and put dinner in the oven? I mean, they know the rules. It will be really fast… Any parents who say these things to themselves are putting their children at risk. Supervision is absolutely necessary whenever a child […]

September 4, 2011 0
Learning floating on back

Floating on the Back

As with swimming lessons for any age group, learning to float on the back is one of the most essential toddler swimming skills. A child must be able to float on their back when they are older and swimming freely in the sea (or should they unexpectedly fall into deep water), and it is important […]

September 3, 2011 0
sun, clouds, and lightning

Toddler Swimming & The Weather

Swimming with your toddlers is great fun and can be enjoyed all year round, especially if you’ve got access to a heated pool. If your pool is outdoors, keep these pointers in mind to help you all have a safe and fun time. Sun Going for a swim on a sunny day is great – […]

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